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The dramatic rise in basic commodity costs has a direct negative influence on consumer lifestyle and purchasing behavior. In order to cope with the steeply rising prices, tight-budget consumers have started cutting back on luxuries and more expensive necessities.

While spending less is a common tactic for coping with financial uncertainty, it can potentially bring down the growth of the economy. Here are some better and incredibly simple ways to survive tough economic times.

Building additional streams of income

While it has been difficult for consumers to make lifestyle changes, they felt that they have no option but to give up things they considered to be essential in life and live within their means. Giving up expensive habits may help consumers use their limited financial resources on necessities such as food and clothing, but it is not sufficient to bring significant and sustained improvements in their overall standards of living.

Navigating rough economic waters encompasses more than keeping a solid spending plan in place and balancing income and expenses. Consumers must create additional income opportunities to expand their finances and increase their capacity to meet their short-term and long term needs.

Fortunately, there are several ways to generate more earnings that do not involve costly investments or borrowing money from banks. One easy way to make supplemental income is to work as a mystery shopper. Mystery shoppers visit retail stores and businesses to evaluate the quality of costumer service provided by a company.

Securing online loans from legitimate lenders

The subsequent crises that beset the financial industry have weakened the competitiveness of banks and other traditional lending companies. Hence, to shield themselves from any negative implications, banks have adopted tighter credit policies that limit the borrowing opportunities of bad credit consumers.

Private lending companies that grant online loans have seen this as an opportunity to help poor credit consumers in financial difficulty address their needs. Apparently, one of the easiest ways to handle hard economic times is to secure short-term installment loans from legitimate credit providers.