How to Keep Up on Your Credit Score and Prevent ID Theft

With finance companies so hesitant to loan people money because of the bad state of the economy today. You will need to know and follow your credit score so that you are able to keep up your score and improve your chances of getting a loan when you do need one. This is a case of better safe than sorry and because ID theft is such a huge problem today it is more important than ever to keep up to date with your credit score. Here is some ways that you can do this:

1) Chase ID Protections

This is a company that will give you a bonus to sign up, they have given out Starbucks gift cards most recently. What they offer is the ability for you to view, access and print your credit report at any time. They also email you when there have been changes to your credit report.

2) Free Credit Report

Do not be fooled, this is just the name of the company and you will need to sign up for triple advantage if you want access to your credit report. This is essentially the same as the service about but with less customer support to help you go over your report.

3) ID Watchdog

This is a company that promises to keep you informed about your credit report. You will be able to view and print it and they will call you if there is an attempt to take a loan out on your credit. If someone takes a loan in your name you can be badly damages as so this company will call you and let you know so you can avoid this.

4) Free Annual Credit Report

You can request one for free by going to and filling out the information. They also have a contact number that you can call in order to request your report free of charge. However, you can only request once a year and remember that this is free so you will not get any support if you need someone to help you look the reports over.

Choose the option which is best for you and will benefit you the most and make use of it, this is the only way you can prevent ID theft and protect yourself to make sure your credit report is accurate and up to date. Each of these are available through the internet and just take a few minutes to protect yourself before disaster strikes.